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On the whole, it is safe to say that a root canal treatment places a strain on the body. Fillers may be toxic or the patient may be allergic to these materials. Main canals may still be left to contain bacteria, which in turn causes infections.

The side canals or dental tubules of root canals fail to be cleaned at regular intervals and contain substances that are harmful to the human body. This explains why regular root canal treatments put a strain on patients’ health. We provide high quality root canal treatments which do not affect patient’s health as we also clean out the side canals. In most cases, this also eliminates infections of the tip (or apex) of the tooth root. However, before we can do so we first need to examine whether or not the patient qualifies for this kind of treatment.

​Why is it better to also cleanse and sterilise the side canals or dental tubules?

​The central canal of any tooth root has many three-dimensional side canals (dental tubules). Which means plenty of space for bacteria, moulds and yeasts to accumulate. In all, these canals can be several kilometres in length in just 1 tooth. These bacteria may secrete highly toxic substances which may impair the patient’s health. This is why it is vital that these canals are cleaned so as the keep the impairment of the patient’s health caused by his teeth as close to zero as possible.

All of this means root canal treatments are a matter of compromise, so they need to be constantly monitored. 

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